Women and Periodontal Care: Why Women Are More at Risk

Periodontal care is not the same for men and women, believe it or not. Women are actually at higher risk than men when it comes to periodontal issues, due to the difference in body chemistry and other factors involving the female body. The risks are higher for women to develop periodontal disease and other issues that only females deal with contribute to other risks when considering periodontics and treatment for oral health by a periodontal specialist at Central Florida Periodontics. Our clinic specializes in periodontal treatment in Florida, so call us for a consultation on treatment and risks to women
s health if you have further questions after reading this post.

periodontal treatment in Florida

Puberty and Periodontics

What are risk factors for periodontal disease? For women, puberty can mean a significant increase of blood circulation to their gums due to the increase in hormones that have developed during puberty. Estrogen and progesterone are the hormones that typically drive this process for women. Their gums may become more sensitive as a result of the hormonal increase and activity. Subsequently, the gums may become irritated more easily, especially from plaque and food particles in the teeth and gums. Swollen, tender, and red coloration may occur at this time. Periodontal treatment in Florida is not always necessary for these conditions, but call a specialist to determine your needs.

Menstrual Cycles and Periodontics

Menstruation also contributes to the periodontal risks specifically for women. Menstrual cycles can have great impacts on a number of health-related issues for women and can become a great concern for the health and integrity of teeth and gums as well. A phenomenon known as menstruation gingivitis can develop, which is when women experience bleeding of the gums, sores inside the cheek area of the mouth, or red and swollen gums which usually occurs just before the start of a menstrual cycle. If you think that you may be experiencing such a condition, call and schedule an appointment to discuss the issue.

Pregnancy and Periodontal Treatment in Florida

There have been recent studies that suggest women who are pregnant may have another risk factor of periodontal disease (also known as gum disease). Women who are living with periodontal disease and are also pregnant may carry the risk of giving birth to a baby that is born too early. The baby may also end up being too small. This research is still in its early phases, though, and more information is needed to assess these risks and make any concrete determinations.

Menopause and Periodontal Treatment in Florida

Menopausal or post-menopausal women are also at risk. They may feel some changes taking place inside their mouth and oral cavities. This could include some discomfort, but also may include dry mouth, affected taste, or even burning sensations within the mouth. Menopausal gingivostomatitis also impacts certain women, so if you think you might have something along these lines, don
t hesitate to call. Contact our periodontics clinic to learn more about risks.