Women and Dental Health: Different Life Stages Mean Different Considerations When Searching for a Periodontist in Orlando, FL

All of us need to pay attention to good oral hygiene and dental health, and no matter what your age or gender, Dr. Sevor is a periodontist in Orlando, FL, you can trust to deliver the right care at the right time. Our suite of services can address a host of needs, and here we’ll look at special considerations women should make with respect to their oral health from childhood on up.

When You’re a Child
Children of both genders need regular checkups with a professional who knows how to care for little mouths and growing bodies. During these checkups, a dentist or hygienist will clean a child’s teeth and might also apply a sealant or fluoride to reduce the risk of decay. Dental X-rays or other diagnostic procedures might also be decided on. Once the adult teeth have all come in, older children might find themselves in need of a bite adjustment, at which point the dentist may advise the need for braces. Dr. Sevor and his team are experts at correcting bad bites and offer patients, young and old alike, a variety of options that can remedy this common problem.

When You’re a Young Woman
Most people would be surprised to learn that up to 75% of pregnant women have gingivitis, an early stage of periodontal disease that is characterized by red and swollen gums that may bleed during brushing. It’s thought that changing hormones during pregnancy may leave a woman more susceptible to gingivitis, which is why it’s very important for them to keep up with their visits to a periodontist in Orlando, FL. The good news is, gingivitis, if caught early, is easy to treat, and Dr. Sevor can outline a plan that’ll put you on the path toward good oral health during pregnancy and beyond!

When You’re Older
Hormonal changes that occur as a woman age can have a direct impact on her oral health.
The onset of menopause can cause older women to suffer from dry mouth due to less saliva production. This, in turn, can lead to more bacteria in one’s mouth, as saliva is a defender against these organisms. When more bacteria are present, the dangers of gingivitis and tooth decay become more prevalent, which is why regular visits to one’s periodontist in Orlando, FL, become especially important. Keeping your teeth clean and regularly checked as one age can help one ward off problems down the road or spot them before they worsen.

The fact is, no matter how old or what gender you are, making oral health and hygiene a priority is a great way to keep your smile beautiful and your teeth and gums healthy. If you feel like you haven’t been keeping up with regular visits to a dental health professional, don’t wait! Schedule your appointment now with Dr. Sevor and his team, who can address any issues you may have and put you on the path toward a great and lasting smile!

We’re here to help you keep your smile looking its very best, so reach out to our periodontist in Orlando, FL today!