What Can a Healthier Smile Do for You?

Healthy SmileMany surveys have shown that the first thing that people notice when they meet someone new is their smile. A bright, healthy smile makes a good first impression. On the other hand, a shy or less aesthetically pleasing smile can have a negative impact on perceptions. Fortunately, a periodontist can assist with correcting many of the issues that cause patients to be unhappy with their smile. Having a healthy and confident smile can be beneficial in many ways.

Professional Communications

Smiling is thought to trigger a safety response in the human brain, which often makes interviewers more receptive to what the interviewee is saying – if they are smiling while saying it. The higher pitch that naturally comes with a smile is an audible cue, but the visual cue of a smile can also help to imply friendliness and openness. Wearing a smile while negotiating salary or other details can convey confidence and surety.

Increase Attractiveness to Others

Approximately 96% of American adults believe that an attractive smile makes a person more attractive to others, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. A smile makes people appear happy, which can have a contagious effect and make other feel happier. This positive feeling can improve a person
s perception of another
s beauty and overall attractiveness.

Reduce Stress Levels

Smiling has shown to help reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety. Even if you are not happy, smiling signals to the brain that you are happy. This automatically slows breathing, which can help to lower heart rate and ultimately reduce risks of high blood pressure. Reducing stress by smiling regularly can also help to regulate blood sugar, improve digestion, and lower the risks of many health complications.

Foster Happiness

While the common thought is that you smile when you are happy, the opposite is also true. The act of smiling has shown to trigger a response in the body that causes endorphins to be released, causing you to feel happier. Smiling can make you feel better and can even induce laughter at times, which is beneficial for health and well being. Having the confidence to smile can increase the frequency with which you smile, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of smiling more often.

How Can a Periodontist Help?

A periodontist can help improve patients
confidence in their smile and the aesthetic appearance of the smile. Cosmetic procedures such as gum reshaping or crown lengthening can help to fix a
smile or make the teeth appear longer as needed. If teeth are missing or spaced apart, a periodontist can help to adjust the bite or place dental implants that blend well with natural teeth.