Today’s Dental Treatment in Orlando Includes Technology That Makes the Difference. Here’s How!

When it comes to good oral health and dental treatment in Orlando, modern dentistry offers patients many options that are comfortable and effective. Gone are the days when people must suffer through painful procedures just to maintain their smiles! Today, advanced technology allows dentists to treat many of the problems associated with poor oral hygiene more effectively and painlessly than ever before. Our offices are experts at using modern technology to improve smiles and keep your mouth healthy. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways we do that.

Laser Periodontal Surgery

If you’re suffering from gum disease, laser periodontal therapy is a safe and painless way to treat it. Gum disease can cause bone loss and pockets to develop between teeth, and when you come to our office for dental treatment in Orlando, we’ll use a special probe to measure just how deep those pockets are. Then, we’ll use a unique laser light to remove diseased gum and the bacteria that surround them. We’ll also use hand instruments and an ultrasonic scaler to remove tartar from the affected teeth. Once the area has been thoroughly treated and cleaned, the laser is used again to close off the pocket from further infection, allowing the gums to heal and reattach properly to the tooth.

Because this laser therapy doesn’t involve cutting the gums, patients benefit from remarkably quick healing times, especially when compared with traditional cut-and-suture periodontal surgery. It can also be used to treat gum disease at just about any stage in its progression.

We know the idea of mouth surgery can scare a lot of people, which is why laser periodontal surgery is such a wonderful alternative to the more conventional treatment approach.

Scaling and Root Planing

Sometimes a routine cleaning isn’t enough, especially if gum disease has reached a certain point. That’s when dental treatment in our Orlandooffices relies on scaling and root planing to put patients back on track toward good oral health. Special tools are used to gently and safely scrape the surface of teeth to remove plaque and tartar and then smooth the root’s surface because plaque and tartar are less likely to attach to smooth areas. These procedures allow teeth and their roots to heal from bacterial attack and encourage gum tissue to reestablish a tight bond around each tooth, helping to seal out food particles that can encourage bacterial growth.

Dental Implants

Our natural teeth are meant to last us our lifetimes, but sometimes they don’t. Missing teeth can make a person feel very self-conscious, but the good news is, there are some terrific options to replacing them, including dental implants. Implants start as small titanium posts that are embedded into the jawbone where teeth used to be, and once fully integrated, act as anchors for bridges, crowns, or dentures. There are two main types of implants — those that are embedded under the gum line and those that sit above it, and some patients are better suited for one over the other. Our staff will be able to assess which type of implant is best for you.

No matter what technology or procedure may be involved, our treatment plans always aim for maximum results while being conservative at the same time. You can be sure our staff will go out of their way to make you comfortable, answer your questions, and ensure that you benefit from our experience and expertise.

Don’t let missing teeth keep you from smiling! Find out how our dental treatment in Orlando can help. Get in touch today!