Think You Might Need Periodontal Treatment in Orlando? Here’s How to Know It’s Time

Gum health is extremely important to your overall health, and when your gums are in distress, there are serious consequences for the rest of your body. Gum disease afflicts nearly half of Americans 30 and over, and once the disease advances, oral bacteria enters your bloodstream and can lead to cardiovascular and respiratory issues. The good news is that many forms of gum disease can easily be treated, if caught early enough. It’s important to know what signs to look for, and to schedule an appointment for periodontal treatment in Orlando as soon as possible.

Periodontal treatment Orlando

Your Bite Suddenly Feels Different

The gums and bones around your teeth are meant to hold them in place. When you have periodontal disease, these gums and bones can weaken. The result? Loose teeth, and eventually the complete loss of the tooth.

You Have Unexplainable Bad Breath

Bad breath is the result of multiple causes, but bacteria in and around your teeth is the main cause of odor. To discover if gum disease is causing your bad breath, visit a periodontal specialist sooner rather than later.

Your Gums Are Tender, Red, or Bleeding

Healthy gums should be firm, pinkish, and should not bleed easily. Sore or inflamed gums are often one of the earliest signs of periodontal disease and should be taken seriously.

Receding Gums

Receding gums can be tricky to notice, as it’s generally a slow process that happens over time. One key indicator of receding gums is that your teeth look longer than they did previously. To be safe, make sure to get your gums checked out.

Your Teeth Feel More Sensitive Than Usual

Receding gums cause the roots of your teeth to become exposed. The roots do not have a protective enamel coating on them like the rest of your teeth, so they’re particularly sensitive to hot or cold liquids and foods.

Preexisting Conditions May Put You at Greater Risk for Periodontal Disease

Preexisting conditions like diabetes and pregnancy can vastly increase your risk of gum disease. Tobacco users should take extra precautions to fight gum disease, including regular periodontist appointments. Even if you’re not currently experiencing one of the above symptoms, if you’re a tobacco user or have another preexisting condition, you’ll want to be particularly vigilant. If you’ve never seen a periodontist before, now might be a good time to seek periodontal treatment in Orlando.

If you’re exhibiting one or more symptoms, and suspect you may have gum disease, our friendly and professional team at Central Florida Periodontics & Implantology is happy to help. Fill out our online form, and we’ll be in touch soon.