3 Things That Can Affect Gum Health and Lead to Gum Treatment in Orlando, FL?

Good oral health is critical to one’s overall health, but sadly, many of us take our smiles for granted and don’t spend enough time brushing, flossing, and visiting our dentists. This lack of optimum attention to oral health can lead to gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, which can result in you needing gum treatment in Orlando, FL. Gum disease is nothing to take lightly, and it’s important to identify factors and behaviors that can put you at risk for it, eliminating them if you can. Here, we’ll look at a few risk factors and how they increase your chances of getting gum disease.

Plaque Buildup

One of the main reasons to brush and floss regularly is to remove the plaque that has built up around your teeth as a result of eating. Plaque is a soft, sticky film that contains millions of bacteria; if not removed regularly, it can build up and allow the bacteria to cause tooth decay and gum inflammation — a condition called gingivitis. Some of the first symptoms of gingivitis are bleeding and swollen gums, and it’s vital that you seek out gum treatment in Orlando, FL, if you are suffering from them. That’s because if left untreated, gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease. Luckily, gingivitis is reversible through careful and regular oral hygiene and dental visits, at which time your hygienist will remove the excess plaque that puts you at risk for gum disease.

Tobacco Use

There are all kinds of very good reasons to avoid the use of tobacco products, and most of us are aware of some of the dangers (like cancer and heart disease) associated with smoking or chewing tobacco. But did you know that using tobacco products on a regular basis also greatly increases your chance of developing gum disease?

There are several reasons for this: Smoking or chewing tobacco contributes to tartar build-up, which in turn deepens any spaces or pockets between teeth, which is one of the first signs of periodontal disease. Using tobacco products also weakens your immune system, so it’s more difficult for your body to fight off any sort of gum infection. Smoking or chewing makes it harder for wounds or infections in your mouth to heal.

All of which means if you use tobacco in any form, it’s important to visit your dentist regularly — and even more important that you quit smoking or chewing, if possible!


Certain illnesses can also affect the health and condition of your gums. Cancer and HIV, for example, can interfere with the immune system, which in turn can compromise your body’s ability to heal infections. Diabetes is another condition that puts people at risk for gum disease because high glucose levels make it easier for bacteria to flourish in the mouth.

If you think you might benefit from our expert gum treatment in Orlando, FL, because you’re at risk for periodontal disease or are already showing signs of it, it’s important that you begin a treatment plan right away! Let us help you get back on track toward good oral health.

To find out more about gum treatment in Orlando, FL, reach out today!