There Are Plenty of Reasons to Love Implants!

If an adult lost a tooth — or worse yet, teeth — there used to be no permanent solution for replacement.  Bridges or dentures were the only way a person could improve his or her smile. While both these options might still be good ones depending on a person’s circumstance, today there is a beautiful and permanent solution that many patients are turning to: implants! Dental implants in Orlando have become increasingly popular, and for some very good reasons. They look, feel, and act like natural teeth and don’t require special care once they’ve become part of your mouth. There are other reasons why implants might make good sense for you, too, so let’s go over a few of them here.

They Are Permanent

Perhaps the main reason why people choose implants over other options is that they’re a permanent solution. Implants are not meant to be removed, which means no more worrying about slippage or loss, as you might with dentures or bridges. Each dental implant is made up of a small titanium post imbedded into the jawline of a patient. It stands in place of a missing tooth and acts as an anchor for a prosthesis, like a crown. Multiple implants along the jawline can permanently hold bridges and dentures in place, which means implants can replace one tooth or an entire mouthful of them. The end result is a beautiful, healthy smile showcasing teeth that look, feel, and function like the ones you were born with.

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Implants Come in Two Types

Dental implants in Orlando work to improve a patient’s smile in one of two ways: implants that are surgically embedded into the jawbone of a patient and sit below the gum line are called endosteal implants. This implant is the most common type.  Other implants sit above the gum line and are called subperiosteal implants. This second type is an option for patients with shallow jawbones or who can’t wear conventional dentures. Either way, should you decide on implants to improve you smile, our team will conduct a thorough evaluation to make sure the right implant type is chosen for you and your unique circumstances.

Dental Implants in Orlando Are a Beautiful Choice!

Dental implants would never be so popular if not for one important benefit: they’re beautiful! When you replace broken, damaged, diseased, or missing teeth with an implant, you not only take years off the look of your mouth and face, but project a healthy and natural-looking image. Not only that, while your new teeth might look and feel real, remember, they’re artificial — which means they’ll never get cavities and won’t decay. Dental implants are also easy to clean. You won’t need special solutions or pastes to keep them looking good. All you have to do is maintain your good oral hygiene routine to make sure your mouth stays healthy and your implants stay sparkling.

Dental implants in Orlando are a great way to improve your smile. If you’d like to learn more about this permanent solution to tooth loss, contact us today!