Put Your Fears to Rest: Everything You Need To Know About Periodontal Surgery

The talented team at Central Florida Periodontics is here for you to help make your periodontal surgery as easy and painless as possible. We have years of experience, and thousands of procedures under our belt, so you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands when it comes to your next periodontal surgery.

What is periodontal surgery?

Periodontal surgery is a procedure to repair damage done to the gums. Central Florida Periodontics prides itself on taking a conservative point of view when it comes to surgery and only recommending what is needed to improve the health of your gums. We do this to maintain the quality of healthy tissue, concentrate on the area of your mouth that needs work, and keep the cost down for you.

periodontal surgery recipient

The Different Types of Surgery

We offer many different types of periodontal procedures. Depending on the stage of periodontal disease some procedures may even be non-surgical. With so many types of periodontal surgeries offered by our team, you’re sure to find the treatment option that’s right for you.

Laser Periodontal Therapy

A high-tech solution to periodontal disease, laser periodontal therapy uses a laser to precisely work on the area in need. Since there is no cutting into the tissue there is less blood, less tissue removed, and less recovery time which means you’re back to feeling 100 percent sooner. Dr. Jeffrey Sevor was the first periodontist to offer the treatment in Orlando and has performed it successfully many times.

Gum Reshaping

Sometimes your gums will develop irregularly. That can leave the body more susceptible to bacterial penetration and trauma. When that happens, grafting can be an excellent solution. A safe and effective periodontal surgery, gum grafting involved taking a piece of tissue from the top of the mouth and moving it to the spot on the gums that needs it. Ideally, this will result in a healthy band of tissue growing in that location.

Crown Lengthening

A periodontal surgery required when a tooth needs a crown or some other type of restoration, crown lengthening can be done to repair damage to the teeth as well as the gums. This procedure involves going deep into the gum to re-establish a gum-tooth relationship and should provide enough structural integrity to the tooth for you to safely brush and floss. Once the teeth are reconnected the wound will be sutured shut. The surgery should take no more than an hour.

That’s just a small sampling of the many periodontal surgeries that our amazingly talented team offers. We will work with you no matter the periodontal issue to find a solution that works for you and your budget. Good periodontal work starts with quality customer service, and we make sure to treat you right from the first time you walk in the door through to shaking your hand as you leave after your final follow-up.

To learn more about Central Florida Periodontics and to set up a consultation about a periodontal surgery, contact us today.