Periodontics in Orlando, FL

Rest assured that there
s an experienced team at Central Florida Periodontics & Implantology to help your Orlando periodontal needs. Dr. Jeffrey Sevor has years of experience in periodontics and implantology. We use the latest technology and the safest procedures to ensure that our patients receive the exact level of care needed for their health and cosmetic periodontal needs.

Dr. Sevor – Your Orlando Periodontist

Periodontist Dr. Jeffrey J. Sevor, DMD, has lectured nationally and internationally on topics including the science behind bone rejuvenation and implantology. He undergoes continuing education to absorb the latest and breaking information regarding implant dentistry, as well as number of other periodontal techniques and fields. At Central Florida Periodontics & Implantology, we provide our Orlando patients with procedures to recover, maintain, and preserve their oral health.

We provide Orlando periodontal services that include:

  • Bone grafting
  • Ridge preservation
  • Scaling and root planing
  • Crown lengthening
  • Osseous surgery
  • Guided tissue bone regeneration
  • Gum grafting
  • Dental implants
  • Laser periodontal therapy

Good Oral Health

Periodontics and implantology can be key factors in helping patients to maintain their oral health. In cases where gum disease is present, certain techniques and treatment may be necessary to remove infectious or dead tissue in order to promote healthy growth and maintenance of new tissue. We have the skills and expertise needed to maintain good oral health, and we operate on the principle of conservative treatment. We believe that patients should only undergo treatments such as surgical procedures only when necessary for maintaining their oral health.

Treating Gum Disease

We provide a number of procedures to treat gum disease for Orlando patients. As often as possible, we will elect to provide non-surgical treatments whenever it
s possible to maintain the same quality of results. In more early stages of periodontal disease, non-invasive procedures like root scaling and planing may be effective to remove the infected tissue and promote growth of healthy, new tissue. New procedures like Laser Periodontal Therapy
may deliver the results of traditional periodontal surgery, without the need to cut and sew the gums.

Periodontal Surgery

In many cases, traditional periodontal surgery is necessary in order to provide the patient with the best possible results. Dr. Sevor has performed thousands of periodontal surgery procedures, holding the skills and know-how to ensure that patients receive the best results possible. Periodontal surgery may be performed for health purposes such as treating gum disease, or for cosmetic purposes to enhance a patient
s confidence in his or her smile.

Call Central Florida Periodontics & Implantology today to discuss how we can help Orlando patients achieve a healthier, brighter smile.

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