Periodontal Surgery Can Be a Lot Less Costly Than You Think

Periodontal disease can have a significant impact on your appearance, your self-confidence, and the structural integrity of your teeth. While practicing good oral hygiene can help prevent the disease or slow its progression, certain medications and behaviors can cause it to worsen. Various types of periodontal surgery can remedy the complications associated with the progression of periodontal disease.

Unfortunately, many people delay having periodontal surgery completed or avoid it altogether because they fear that the cost for such a procedure will be too high. In many cases, however, treating periodontal disease is less costly than one might think.

Periodontal Surgery

Determining the Cost of Periodontal Surgery

A variety of factors will affect the out-of-pocket cost for surgery. To determine whether you will be able to afford to have your procedure completed right away, it is important to evaluate the following.

  • The Type of Procedure Needed: There are numerous types of surgery available to remedy a variety of conditions associated with periodontal disease. The progression of your disease and the conditions that are affecting you will play a large part in determining the type of procedure you will need, and therefore the cost involved.

In some cases, patients may discover that they need more than one type of surgery, or that a variety of treatment options are available. Our office will discuss your individual treatment options and the cost associated with each to better prepare you financially.

  • The Number of Visits Required: Some types of periodontal surgery can be completed in a single visit, but more in-depth care may take multiple visits to complete. If your procedure only requires one visit, we ask for payment in full at the time of the service. If more than one visit is required, we offer payment options, including an extended payment plan through Care Credit.

Financing your surgery through Care Credit, a small loan, or a credit card could make your treatment more affordable for you.

  • Insurance Coverage: Many insurance companies offer coverage that will help pay for your periodontal surgery. Since coverage can vary significantly among insurance companies, the type of dental insurance you have will play a large part in the out-of-pocket cost for your procedure. We ask that you provide us with up-to-date information about your insurance plan so we can provide you as accurate an estimate for your expected co-payment as possible.

Our insurance coordinators work with a variety of insurance companies, but we do not accept HMO or DMO insurance plans. We do accept most PPO insurance plans.

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It is important to remember that the longer you delay treatment for periodontal disease, the more in-depth and expensive your necessary procedures may become. To find out more about your periodontal treatment options and the possible costs associated with having periodontal surgery, contact us at Central Florida Periodontics & Implantology today.