Don’t Skip Your Regular Cleanings – Our Periodontist in Orlando, FL, Can Help!

If you haven’t scheduled your next professional teeth cleaning, you should contact your dentist or periodontist in Orlando, FL, as soon as possible to get an appointment. By not getting regular checkups and professional cleanings, you may be putting yourself at higher risk for complications. 

Almost all dental plans offer coverage for routine cleanings and checkups. Even if you don’t like going to the dentist, by spending just a little bit of time every year in the dentist’s chair for routine cleanings and hygiene advice, you’ll be much less likely to spend additional time in the chair undergoing procedures that are more invasive and corrective, rather than preventative. Read further to learn about what to expect during your regular cleanings and why they are vital. 

What to Expect During a Routine Cleaning

Getting your teeth cleaned doesn’t have to be scary. In truth, the results can be quite satisfying to some people. Let’s review what happens during routine teeth cleaning. 

A specially trained, licensed hygienist is generally responsible for teeth cleanings and not the dentist or periodontist. Good hygienists can help put you at ease, gently clean your teeth, answer your questions, and give you some great tips about practicing good mouth hygiene at home. Check out our Central Florida Periodontics staff page to learn about our outstanding hygienist, David Fernandez del Pino.

The first thing a hygienist will do, aside from x-rays if you are due for them, is to examine the mouth for any visible problems. It’s typically the time when some people may experience anxiety or embarrassment. But if you have a competent hygienist, you shouldn’t be embarrassed. A hygienists’ job is to clean your teeth and help you with your hygiene, not pass harsh judgements. 

Once the exam has concluded, the hygienist moves on to cleaning. Step one in the cleaning process is to remove built-up tartar and plaque from the tooth surface. Hygienists use instruments to scrape the tooth’s surface and may have you rinse periodically during the process. If you have sensitive teeth, be sure to let your hygienist know, so they make sure to be extra careful.  

After cleaning your teeth, the hygienist will polish them with coarse toothpaste and a specific electric brush. Many people enjoy the way their teeth feel after being cleaned and polished. 

Once your pearly whites are polished, your hygienist will give you a professional flossing. It’s another opportunity where you might feel embarrassed, especially if you don’t floss regularly or have problems with sensitive or bleeding gums. If your hygienist notices problems, they will talk to you about how to improve your gum health. Good hygienists will also make an effort to be extra gentle. If you are experiencing specific gum problems, you may be referred to a local periodontist. If you need a periodontist in Orlando, FL, or a surrounding area, our Central Florida Periodontics team has excellent patient reviews.

Either during the cleaning or right afterward, the hygienist will talk to you about your cleaning routine and give you tips to improve your oral hygiene. The hygienist may also have the dentist or periodontist take a look at your mouth, and they will report anything they found that the dentist or periodontist may need to address. 

Benefits to Having Your Teeth Cleaned Regularly

If the fresh-feeling mouth and smooth, clean teeth aren’t enough incentive to visit your dentist or periodontist in Orlando, FL, the cost and amount of time you may have to spend in the chair if you don’t get your teeth cleaned regularly might be. 

Consider periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, while not always exclusively caused by poor hygiene, can be prevented or slowed down by getting regular cleanings. When caught early, your periodontist in Orlando, FL, can help you with a treatment plan to keep your periodontal disease in check and avoid extensive damage to your gums and teeth. 

If you need a  periodontist in Orlando, FL, or the surrounding area, contact us today to schedule your first appointment.