New Advanced Technology That Leaves Competitors in the Dust!

When it comes to caring for your dental implants or periodontal disease, technology can make a huge difference in your comfort and the effectiveness of your treatment. That’s why at Central Florida Periodontics and Implantology, we use new advanced technology to help you experience a streamlined treatment process that will leave you with a healthy smile.

Dr. Jeffrey J. Sevor, the board-certified periodontist who practices at our office, knows how important it is to have the right technology. Whether you’re getting a new dental implant or a root planing treatment, you can be sure that our doctors and caring staff are using the latest equipment and techniques to complete your treatment correctly the first time.

High-Tech Periodontal Services

One of the technologies we’re most proud of at Central Florida Periodontics is our Laser Periodontal Therapy. This treatment uses state-of-the-art laser technology to treat all stages of gum disease and is a viable option for many of the patients who visit our office. While traditional treatments require cutting the gums and then stitching them, laser therapy is less painful and doesn’t cause bleeding.

Our laser procedures utilize a specially designed protocol known as Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. In this procedure, Dr. Sevor uses a special laser to remove diseased gum tissue and bacteria, clean the gum pocket, and then close the pocket to prevent new germs from causing an infection. This technology allows for faster healing times, less swelling, and less tissue removal.

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Technology for Dental Implants

In some cases, patients come to us looking for dental implants, but they don’t have the jawbone structure needed for the procedure. Fortunately, we’ve got the technology at our office to help with this problem. We can graft bone from other parts of the body, such as the hip, and place it in the jaw to create the foundation needed for an implant.

We use advanced technology to protect the bone graft and promote bone regeneration. To do this, we utilize special bio-absorbable membranes that can be left alone because they don’t require removal by the doctor. Other bone-regeneration techniques may involve using bioactive gels.

Comfort and Safety

We understand that many patients feel nervous about undergoing periodontal services, so it’s our mission to help you feel comfortable and relaxed, using modern advances in periodontal and medical technology. If you wish, we can sedate you using IV medication or nitrous oxide before your treatment. All anesthesia procedures at our office are delivered by a licensed anesthesiologist who uses state-of-the-art safety and monitoring equipment.

Our office’s advanced technology is designed to make all our periodontal services as pleasant as possible. We make sure to keep up with the latest advances in tools, materials, and techniques so that our patients can get the best experience possible. Contact Central Florida Periodontics to learn more about the latest technologies used at our office.