Meet the Team Behind the Smiles!

We know that for many people, going to the dentist is not something they look forward to. For some, dental visits have been physically painful in the past, so they avoid going again until a toothache or other oral health issue forces them. Others don’t think regular visits are particularly important to their overall well-being, and don’t make them a priority. But as one of the leading periodontists in Orlando, we can tell you that making time for regular visits to your dentist is critical to keeping your smile beautiful and contributing to your general health — especially if you’re dealing with more complicated issues like loose teeth or gum disease. Our staff, led by Dr. Jeffrey Sevor, is experienced, understanding, and gentle. Whether you’re eight or eighty, a new patient or long-time friend, we always make sure to listen to you and devise treatment plans that are sensitive to your needs and goals. So, let’s meet the people behind Central Florida Periodontics & Implantology.

periodontist in Orlando

A Respected Periodontist in Orlando

A beautiful, healthy smile projects self-esteem and helps you feel good about yourself — and nobody knows that better than Jeffrey J. Sevor, DMD. As a leading periodontist in Orlando, Dr. Sevor specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum disease, and is highly skilled in the latest technologies and techniques. He’s also an expert in the placement of dental implants, with additional expertise in cosmetic periodontal surgeryconnective tissue grafting, and crown lengthening. He completed his specialty training at Louisiana State University, is board certified, and shares his expertise with a wide audience, both on the national and international lecture circuit, and through peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Sevor believes that every patient has a right to be treated respectfully, so he makes sure to answer questions thoroughly and honestly — which is why Orlando trusts him to take care of so many smiles.

Other Important Members of Our Team

Dr. Sevor can’t maintain and create those healthy smiles alone.  He’s aided by a knowledgeable staff that understands the importance of good communication and gentle techniques.

David Fernandez del Pino, Dental Hygienist, assists Dr. Sevor with all aspects of periodontal and implant care. Each of his individualized hygiene assessments allows everyone involved in a patient’s care to stay aware of changes or potential problems. David is skilled, kind and always ready to answer questions or address concerns, making sure patients stay as comfortable as possible — in or out of the chair.

Linda Jung manages and coordinates the efforts of our entire staff and is available to assist in making your every visit a pleasant experience. She will happily aid you with all scheduling, payment, and insurance needs.

Renee’ Swanston and Marie Gonzalez are skilled assistants who are there to help Dr. Sevor with all aspects of procedure and care. They are gentle, knowledgeable, and always willing to do whatever it takes to put a patient at ease.

Don’t put off important visits to your dentist! We’re here to make sure your smile stays healthy and beautiful! Contact us today for your appointment and see what a difference our team can make for you!