Say No to Conventional Surgery — Here’s How!

Most of us don’t like to think of surgery. It conjures up images of scalpels and bleeding and stitches, and a whole lot of recovery time. Oral surgery is no different — at least, it didn’t used to be. Thankfully, today more and more patients are benefiting from laser gum surgery, and our offices are experts at laser periodontal therapy in Orlando. Unlike conventional surgery, laser surgery uses laser light to achieve results, instead of knives and scalpels, resulting in far less pain and bleeding, and quicker healing times. Read on to find out more about this revolutionary technique and how it can improve your smile.

Don’t Put Off Laser Treatment

When gum disease sets in, it’s important to begin treatment as quickly as possible, to minimize the damage it can cause to teeth and gums. Periodontal disease is a serious risk to oral health because it can cause pockets to develop between the gums and teeth. These pockets weaken teeth and become receptacles for bacteria, and the presence of these organisms allows the disease to worsen. The end result could be an unhealthy mouth and missing teeth. The good news is, if you’re suffering from this condition and you’ve opted for laser periodontal therapy in Orlando, we can put you back on track to good oral health!

After using a special probe to determine pocket depths, we’ll use a special laser light to remove diseased gum and the bacteria that surround it. We’ll also use hand instruments and an ultrasonic scaler to remove tartar from the affected teeth. Once the area has been thoroughly treated and cleaned, the laser is used again to close off the pocket from further infection, allowing the gums to heal and reattach properly to the tooth. Because laser gum surgery doesn’t involve cutting into the gums, patients benefit from far less bleeding and quicker healing times — and that makes the whole idea of surgery far less scary and intimidating.

The Benefits of Laser Gum Surgery

In addition to less bleeding, swelling, and pain, and quicker healing times, laser gum surgery allows a dentist to be far more precise in the removal of diseased gum tissue. That means more of a patient’s healthy gum remains. Furthermore, because the procedure results in less tissue being removed, our team can maintain the height of the gum line around the teeth, resulting in a healthier mouth and a prettier smile. Best of all, this procedure can be used to treat gum disease at just about any stage in its progression. And because it’s a more comfortable therapy, more people should seek out treatment of a disease that, if left unchecked, can cause very serious problems down the road.

We know the idea of oral surgery can be scary. But for a lot of people, laser periodontal surgery is a wonderful alternative to the more conventional treatment approach. Let our team of experts utilize this revolutionary procedure to help you get smiling again!

We know you might have questions about laser surgery — and we’re here to answer them, so get in touch with us today!