These 6 Foods are Damaging Your Teeth: Trust Central Florida Periodontics in Orlando, FL

Central Florida Periodontics in Orlando, FL has been caring for our community for years. Our experience has taught us that even though you might be brushing and flossing regularly, and even coming in for regular cleanings, you could still be damaging your teeth with the foods and drinks you consume. Many foods are high in acids that can weaken your tooth enamel. That doesn’t mean you need to avoid them altogether, but brushing or rinsing with mouthwash after you eat them can ensure that your smile stays healthy. Here, learn which foods and drinks to be mindful of. 

1. Bread & Starchy Foods

Bread might not seem like an acidic food, but your saliva actually breaks starch down into sugar which can weaken tooth enamel. While this occurs to some extent with all bread, whole wheat bread contains less added sugar and is the healthier choice for your teeth. 

This principle holds true for all starchy foods, including potato chips!

2. Ice

It’s true that ice doesn’t contain any acids, sugars, or starches, but it can still be harmful to your oral health. Many people like to chew on ice which can damage enamel and lead to broken teeth. It’s fine to enjoy ice-cold beverages, but water is best consumed in its liquid form. At Central Florida Periodontics in Orlando, FL, we’ve seen our share of dental emergencies – trust us, you don’t want to take any chances by chewing ice!

3. Coffee and Wine

One reason to avoid both coffee and wine is that they can stain your teeth, especially when they are sipped slowly over a long period of time. Minimize staining by finishing these beverages quickly and rinsing or brushing when finished. 

Additionally, wine can weaken your tooth enamel. Its highly acidic and can eat away at your teeth, possibly leading to cavities and sensitivity.

4. Dried Fruit and Other Sticky Foods

Many people see dried fruit as a healthy alternative to candy, but it can be just as damaging to your teeth. Not only is dried fruit acidic and sugary, it can stick to your teeth, making it more likely to eat away at enamel throughout the day. 

5. Sugary and/or Carbonated Drinks 

You probably already know that sugar leads to cavities, but carbonation does too. The acid in these beverages can eat away at your tooth enamel over time. While switching to water is the healthiest option, we know it can be hard to avoid sugary and carbonated drinks in today’s world. Drink them quickly with meals (when your mouth is producing more saliva) to minimize the damage – don’t sip on them throughout the day. 

6. Citrus Fruits

While there are numerous health benefits associated with citrus fruits, the drawback is that they can be hard on your teeth. Their high acid content can be especially damaging to enamel. As one of the leading providers of periodontics in Orlando, FL, we recommend enjoying these fruits with caution.

Want to learn more about how to keep your smile healthy? Contact Central Florida Periodontics in Orlando, FL today to set up an appointment.