How Dental Implants Can Restore Your Smile

If you’re curious about dental implants as a way to improve your smile, and are doing some research into Orlando dental implants, you should know that Dr. Sevor and his team are experts at their design and implantation. Dental implants are a safe, attractive, and permanent way to replace one missing tooth, or many, and can have a positive effect on the way you see yourself and your smile. Let’s take a closer look at how they work and what’s involved during their implantation.

What Are Dental Implants?

Believe it or not, our teeth are meant to live in our mouths for a lifetime. But when a tooth’s roots have become compromised through neglect or disease, it is in jeopardy of falling out. When that happens, a space is obviously left — one that serves as room for Orlando dental implants. An implant is actually a small titanium post inserted into the jawbone that acts as an artificial tooth root, upon which a bridge, crown, denture, or other dental prosthesis can be anchored or attached. Because these prostheses are secured firmly onto the titanium implant, they are permanently in place and don’t slide like conventional dentures, which means they look, feel, and act like real teeth. But because they are of man-made materials, unlike real teeth, they will never suffer from cavities, making oral hygiene that much easier.

How Are They Implanted?

The process of implantation, from start to finish, typically takes six to eight months. The first step is to insert the titanium post into the jawbone and allow that area to heal. Giving the area three to six months to heal is important because this allows the jawbone to grow around the post and create a solid bond. Once the implant site has fully healed, the prosthetic teeth can be created and attached to a small connector post. The type of prosthetic used will always vary, depending on individual circumstances. But whether it’s one tooth or many, the end result is a smile that looks beautiful and teeth that look and feel like the real thing.

Are They Right for You?

Many if not most patients are good candidates for Orlando dental implants, and our offices will make a thorough evaluation of each one to make sure implants are right for them. The procedure has a very high success rate, though it requires a patient to have a significant amount of bone and healthy gums to hold the implant in place. Furthermore, underlying health issues like diabetes and heart disease, as well as smoking and poor oral hygiene, can make a person less of a good candidate. It’s why we make sure we get a complete medical history of each patient and do a thorough examination, before recommending implants to improve a smile.

Dr. Sevor and his team are experts at creating and inserting dental implants, and have hundreds of happy, healthy smiles to prove it. Don’t let missing teeth keep you from feeling and looking your very best.

If you’re ready to learn more about how Orlando dental implants can improve your smile and your confidence, reach out to us today.