Help Kids Avoid Periodontal Treatment in Orlando, FL Later by Instilling Healthy Habits Now

Nobody wants to be in the position of having to seek out periodontal treatment in Orlando, FL — least of all children. Our kids mean the world to us, and we’re always doing our best to make sure they stay safe and healthy. Instilling good oral hygiene habits is part of that effort, too, and teaching kids how to take care of their teeth, gums, and mouth is not difficult, especially if you’re a parent who is mindful of their own oral hygiene. Here, we’ll look at a few easy ways to teach your children about the many benefits of regular care for teeth and gums.

Lead by Example

If you’re a parent who pays close attention to his or her own oral health by brushing and flossing regularly, you’re teaching good hygiene habits to your kids in one of the best ways possible. Children are very much like little sponges, especially when they’re young. They pay attention to everything you say and do, and leading my example is one of the most potent ways a parent has to teach children important lessons. By showing your children how often you brush and floss, by eating foods and drinking beverages that aren’t high in cavity-causing sugars, and by reminding children that our teeth are meant to last our lifetimes, you’re paving the way for your children to follow your lead and avoid periodontal treatment in Orlando, FL.

Make Sure They Have the Right Brush

Children’s mouths are not like adults’: they’re small and still growing, and for that reason have unique needs. It’s important to make sure your child has the proper toothbrush on hand to use every time he or she brushes, one that has soft enough bristles that won’t damage enamel and gums, but one that’s effective enough to clean. 

Your child’s age will also determine what size and shape of brush he or she will need. The smaller the child, the smaller the brush should be. As you child ages, the shape of a brush will change; toothbrushes for kids aged five to eight, for instance, will have slimmer handles to suit the child’s nimbler grip and smaller jaws.

Schedule Regular Dental Visits

One of the very best ways you can instill good oral hygiene habits in your child is to schedule regular visits with your hygienist. Seeing a hygienist on a regular basis reminds children that professional cleanings are important, and that hygienists and dentists are there to help. By establishing a regular routine with your area professional, you also teach children to trust their dentist should there come a time when your child does need periodontal treatment in Orlando, FL.

Our staff members, led by Dr. Jeffrey J. Sevor, DMD, are experts at treating all kinds of oral health issues in both children and adults, and use the very latest in technology to do so. But remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so make sure to teach your children the importance of daily oral hygiene.

If you think your child would benefit from periodontal treatment in Orlando, FL, schedule an appointment with us today!