Habits to Improve Your Oral Health

If you
re struggling with tooth pain, bleeding gums, or cavities, you
re probably wishing you had taken better care of your teeth. But don
t worry. You can turn it around. Step one is making an appointment with your dentist to get treatment for your immediate issues. Step two is making a commitment to improving your oral hygiene
starting today.

There are several ways to improve your oral health. Keeping your mouth clean is an important aspect of looking good and feeling good. Here are five of the most common and important habits that will improve your oral health:

oral health conditions

1. Floss Your Teeth

A lot of the time, the worst oral health conditions can be solved or avoided completely just by flossing. Food and debris are the perfect culprits for spreading disease, bacteria, and parasites that destroy the inside of the mouth, particularly within the teeth and gums.

When people chew, the food and debris often linger and get stuck between our teeth and gums, even infiltrating areas of the root. This is bad news because infections and periodontics disease (gum disease) can develop and wreak havoc inside the mouth.

2. Kicking Habits that Destroy Oral Health

Humans have vices, but keeping bad habits in check and kicking them altogether can be game changers for boosting oral health. Quitting smoking is an obvious one. Too much sugary food, coffee, soda, and other consumables can also have detrimental effects on the health of teeth, gums, and the inside of the mouth.

3. Good Diet Habits May Promote Oral Health

There are even foods that are healthy for teeth, gums, and bones. Tea is one such example. Some studies indicate that certain compounds found in green and black teas may slow the growth of bacteria that form into gum disease and cavities. Research also suggests that cheese may lower pH levels of the plaque acid that wears teeth enamel. Milk is also believed to neutralize plaque.

4. Brush Teeth Correctly

Most people brush their teeth. But not everybody brushes their teeth correctly, and the importance of good brushing can
t be underscored enough. This simple procedure can help protect from cavities and prevent bad breath.

s recommended to use ADA approved toothpaste to brush teeth twice per day for about three minutes each time, using a timer if necessary to ensure you
re taking the time needed to get them properly cleaned.

Also, take the time to clean the tongue, which plays host to the kind of bacteria that causes harsh smelling odors and bad breath. Many toothbrushes, in fact, now have a special soft scraper on the opposite side of the brush end that can clean the tongue and other parts of the mouth.

5. See the Dentist at Regular Intervals

This one is rather important. Dentists are able to keep your teeth and gums clean upon every visit and keep an eye on anything that has developed, may develop, or looks like it may be in transition. Dentists will help remove plaque, clean out the gums and teeth, and make sure you have all the information you need to keep your mouth healthy. They can also let you know when it
s time to seek treatment from a periodontist.

If you have been recommended treatment to see a periodontics specialist, learn more about options for oral healthcare in Orlando, Florida by our specialists at Central Florida Periodontics.