How Can Gum Grafting Restore Your Smile?

If you’ve noticed over time that your gums have pulled away from your teeth, giving your smile a less-than-perfect appearance, don’t assume you have to live it permanently. There are a number of procedures that can restore a natural gum line, giving your smile the attractive and healthy appearance it once had. At Central Florida Periodontics, we’re experts at gum grafting in Orlando and can utilize it to restore your smile. It’s just one of many cosmetic and periodontal procedures that our teams of gentle professionals are known for.

What is Gum Grafting?

Sometimes, due to age, illness, or genetics, a person experiences gum recession, gum atrophy, or abnormal gum development, all of which can make a person feel less than confident about their smile. Worse than that, because our gums cover and protect the roots of our teeth, issues with our gums can lead to tooth loss. If you think you’re suffering from gum recession, the good news is, our expert team can reduce it through gum grafting, covering and protecting teeth using your own donor tissue, or tissue from someone else. By attaching the donor tissue to the areas that need it, we’re able to cover vulnerable tooth roots while enhancing the appearance of a patient’s smile. We can also reshape a patient’s gum line, in the case of abnormal or overgrown gums. Gum grafting in Orlando provides valuable strength and additional coverage to affected teeth, and is performed by our gentle, knowledgeable staff, resulting in a healthier, more aesthetically-pleasing smile.

Keep Your Gums Healthy

Of course, once your gum line has been restored to its healthy state and appearance, it’s important that you keep it that way by maintaining good oral hygiene. That includes brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing at least once a day, and scheduling regular visits to your dentist and/or your hygienist, to make sure any oral issues that might be arising are addressed quickly and professionally. Keeping our mouths healthy and our smiles beautiful is actually quite easy to do, if you fall into these good habits early in life — and in fact, it’s never too late to adopt them! Remember, our teeth are meant to last us our lifetimes, so treat them well, and they’ll do just that.

We’re Here to Help

If your smile is less than perfect, if you’re suffering from bleeding or receding gums, a bad bite, or missing teeth, we’re here to help! Our offices are equipped with the very latest in technology and we’re experts at the latest procedures to restore your mouth’s health and improve your smile. Our first priority is always your comfort and privacy, and we make sure to devise treatment plans that are minimally invasive and tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

Don’t let receding gums, or any other oral issue, keep you from feeling and looking your best! Reach out to us today to find out more about gum grafting in Orlando.