Fluoride: A Key Ingredient in Great Dental Hygiene

If you’re looking to achieve great dental hygiene, fluoride can help you get there. Fluoride is a part of our periodontal treatments in Orlando, FL, as healthy teeth and enamel go hand-in-hand with gum health. There are lots of myths about fluoride that sometimes get in the way of some people taking advantage of its benefits. A few common myths include: fluoride isn’t natural, it can negatively impact health, and that it’s toxic. All of these claims are misleading – visit The American Fluoridation Society for more information about why dentists around the world trust and use fluoride with their patients. 

Here, let’s explore some of the benefits of fluoride. 

The Dental Hygiene Benefits of Fluoride

Fluoride is found in nature in everything from rocks, to plants, to the air! The chief benefit of fluoride is that it strengthens the enamel of your teeth. This naturally occurring mineral is a great benefit because the enamel of your teeth can be weakened by what you eat and drink, and restoring it can be difficult.

Thin enamel can lead to all kinds of problems, like yellow teeth, sensitivity, and of course, cavities. 

We don’t have the space here to get into all of the negative effects of cavities, so trust us – you don’t want them. When you use fluoride to strengthen your enamel, you reduce the likelihood that you’ll be stuck dealing with cavities.

How Should I Use Fluoride?

There are many ways to integrate fluoride into your dental routine. Depending on where you live, a small amount might already be in your local water supply. There are many products you can buy that also include fluoride, like toothpaste and mouthwash.

When you choose our office for periodontal treatment in Orlando, FL, we utilize professional fluoride products to provide you with even more substantial benefits.

Office Visits are a Key Part of Your Regular Routine

Using fluoride in addition to regular brushing and flossing is a great way to maximize dental hygiene at home. However, regular office visits are also important. Professional cleanings remove plaque effectively while also allowing our experts to keep an eye on your oral health. Should problems arise, we can spot them early on, preventing them from becoming more significant, more painful, and more expensive.

At Central Florida Periodontics, we specialize in gum health but are dedicated to helping you maintain the best possible oral health. We offer cosmetic services, dental implants, and braces to help you achieve a great-looking smile. Of course, our providers utilize effective tools like fluoride to keep your mouth looking and feeling its best. 

Contact Central Florida Periodontics today to learn more about fluoride and the other recommended strategies for our patients.