Discover a Healthy Mouth with Central Florida Periodontics, Orlando, FL

Central Florida Periodontics in Orlando, FL is your go-to-source for total oral health. We specialize in periodontics and implantology, so we’re especially interested in helping our patients care for their gums. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, you might be wondering if your mouth is as healthy as it could be. Here, we’ll review some qualities of a healthy mouth and discuss how to protect it. 

Gums That Don’t Bleed When Brushing or Flossing

One telltale sign of gum disease is bleeding when brushing or flossing. This sensitivity could be a sign of inflammation, or plaque and tartar buildup. If your gums are bleeding, it’s important that you see your dentist so that he or she can properly assess the problem. Oftentimes, a regimen of more regular brushing and flossing can alleviate the problem. If your gum disease is more advanced, Dr. Sevor at Central Florida Periodontics in Orlando, FL can help you develop the right plan of action.

Teeth That Aren’t Sensitive to Heat or Cold

Is eating ice cream or biting into a chilled piece of fruit an ordeal for you? If your teeth are especially sensitive, it could be because of weakened enamel or exposed roots.

Tooth enamel can be damaged by many foods and drinks, especially those that are highly acidic (like soda). Once enamel is weakened, it can’t be totally restored, but there are a number of ways to treat the problem – your dentist can provide you with more details. 

Exposed roots, on the other hand, are often the result of gum disease. Gum recession can be a real problem to deal with, and if you suspect you may be suffering from it, it’s a good idea to see a specialist like Dr. Sevor. He offers the best periodontics in Orlando, FL and can develop a comprehensive treatment plan for your exposed roots, which may include a deep cleaning or a tissue graft.

No Missing or Cracked Teeth

Missing teeth are often very easy to notice, but cracked teeth can be harder to spot. You might not realize that you actually have a cracked tooth, but if you’ve experienced sensitivity in a localized area or sensitivity to sweetness, you might be dealing with a crack. 

If you’re living with missing or cracked teeth, you could be a good candidate for dental implants. If Dr. Sevor determines that an implant is right for you, he’ll utilize the latest technology to affix an artificial tooth that should look and function just like a natural tooth. With proper care your implant should last for many years!

The best way to keep your mouth healthy is to visit your dentist regularly for professional cleanings. Not only does this keep your mouth healthy in itself, it allows the professionals to spot signs of trouble early on. 

If you’re living with periodontal disease or aren’t sure your gums are as healthy as they should be, visit Central Florida Periodontics in Orlando, FL for an assessment of your oral health.