Everything You Need to Know About Bite Adjustment

What Is Bite Adjustment?

Like its name suggests, bite adjustment is a series of periodontics procedures used to create a more comfortable fit when the patient is biting down. In most cases, these procedures involve changes to the teeth, whereas changes to the joints are reserved for cases when the cartilage has become either torn or otherwise injured in some manner.

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Why Is Bite Adjustment So Important?

Bite adjustment is important because a bad bite increases the stress put on the parts of the mouth used in a biting motion. For some people, this means much increased wear and tear on their teeth, which can culminate in cracks and even more serious problems. In contrast, other people will suffer from joint pains and muscle spasms. It is interesting that men tend to suffer more from damage to their teeth while women tend to suffer more from damage to their joints, but it is important to note that neither kind of problem is exclusive to either sex.

In fact, a bad bite is something that can affect patients of all backgrounds. This is because while some cases of a bad bite have inherited causes, other cases of the same are caused by trauma to the parts of the mouth used in a biting motion. As a result, people should watch out for potential problems with their bite so that they can pay a visit to their dentist as soon as possible should something happen.

What Can You Expect From a Bite Adjustment?

The periodontics procedures used to change a person’s bite can be both short-term and long-term in nature. For example, the simplest and most straightforward method involves shaping the cutting and chewing surfaces of the teeth, which comes with minimal complications.

However, there are times when there is so much shaping of the teeth needed to create a comfortable fit that it might be better to make changes to the other parts of the mouth used in a biting motion. Sometimes, this means the use of braces. Other times, this means the use of surgical periodontics procedures in order to change the relevant joints.

Whatever the case, these interventions come with a lot more complications, not least because further rounds of refinements will be needed to ensure a comfortable fit following the surgical procedures.

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