Periodontal Therapy in Orlando for All Ages

Are you a senior citizen looking for the right periodontal therapy in Orlando? It’s important that you choose a provider with a good understanding of the unique challenges faced by older patients. Nothing can get in the way of enjoying your golden years like dental problems. Here, we’ll give you basic information on some problems often faced by seniors. Some of these you may have experienced throughout your life, while others may have started up only recently. Dr. Sevor has been providing periodontal therapy in Orlando for years and is well-qualified to help you resolve all kinds of dental problems, no matter what your age. 

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a problem for countless young Americans, but it can be especially irksome for seniors. It can be caused by poor-fitting bridges or dentures, diseases like diabetes, and the use of tobacco products, along with improper brushing and flossing. Signs of gum disease include gum bleeding and swelling, but many people don’t realize it can actually cause other serious problems, like tooth loss or decay. If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms, gum disease could be the culprit. 

Dr. Sevor stands out from other dentists because he specializes in periodontics. He’s an expert at spotting gum disease early, and can develop a treatment program that’s unique to each patient’s needs. If you’ve found yourself in need of periodontal therapy in Orlando, he’s your go-to specialist – no referral needed!

Root Decay

Most of us enjoy foods and drinks that contain acids. After a lifetime, these can take a toll on your oral health. Gum recession (often caused by gum disease) can lead to root decay, weakening your teeth and causing sensitivity. If you’re suffering from root decay, you might be a good candidate for a dental implant, allowing you more freedom and flexibility than you would otherwise have with dentures.

Darkened Teeth

Darkened teeth are a sign of many potential problems. You might simply be dealing with yellowing that could be remedied with a cosmetic whitening. It could also be a natural change that occurs during aging when teeth produce more dentin, reducing transparency. However, darkened teeth could be a symptom of a number of diseases, so it’s a good idea to get them checked out by an expert like Dr. Sevor. 

When to Seek Periodontal Therapy in Orlando

If you’re experiencing any of the problems listed above, it’s probably a good idea to make an appointment to have Dr. Sevor assess your oral health. Leaving any of them unchecked could lead to tooth loss or a worsening of symptoms, which could be disastrous to your health. So, let us help you nip the problem in the bud – make an appointment to see us today!

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