Don’t Be Afraid to Get Periodontal Treatment: Winter Springs, FL

If you’re worried about your gums or know you have a problem with them but are afraid to get periodontal treatment, Winter Springs, FL, may have the office and team you need to help you with both your periodontal issues and your fears at Central Florida Periodontics. 

Fear of the dentist is a well-documented and common problem that many people face. There are many reasons why people experience fear in having their mouth worked on. However, healthy teeth and gums, along with a beautiful smile, are essential to a quality of life and confidence.

Why do people fear the dentist? There are several common reasons. Let’s look at three of the biggest reasons people avoid seeing a dentist or periodontist and see how Central Florida Periodontics might help you address those fears:


Some dental conditions cause patients to be embarrassed. If you have gone too long without seeing a dentist, or you know you have not taken the best care of your mouth at home, you may be too embarrassed to visit a dentist or periodontist. You may fear being judged or scolded by the doctor or his staff. 

At Central Florida Periodontics, we treat our patients with the same care and compassion we would treat our family members. Our experienced staff has seen so many different kinds of cases, and we value and respect each patient as a person, first and foremost, regardless of what conditions we are helping them with. If you find yourself needing periodontal treatment in Winter Springs, FL, or the surrounding areas, take a look at our reviews. You will find that our patients highly value our caring and considerate staff. 

Pain or Discomfort

Fear of pain, or discomfort, is commonplace amongst people anxious about having their mouths worked on by dental professionals. Some people may have had painful experiences at the dentist before or simply experienced oral pain such as a toothache and found that mouth pain is particularly upsetting or intolerable. Other people may have heard stories of others’ painful dental visits and wish to avoid a similar experience.

When you visit our office for periodontal treatment in Winter Springs, FL, our team will work with you to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible. We certainly don’t want to cause you pain and will do everything we can to be gentle with your mouth and put you at ease. We have state-of-the-art equipment and offer different sedation methods: nitrous oxide or intravenous conscious sedation. Your comfort is a high priority for our team.

Bad News

Nobody likes bad news, especially when their health is concerned. You may be afraid that upon examination, your dentist or periodontist might find a significant issue that you will have difficulty coping with. The fear of something negative happening dental-wise may be the result of symptoms you are experiencing, or it may just be from a general fear. Either way, while the unknown can cause some anxiety, you may prefer that to the realization there’s a problem requiring attention.  

If you are experiencing symptoms, we highly encourage you to come and see us. Seeing a compassionate and experienced team may help alleviate many fears, while worrying with uncertainty or searching for related symptoms on the internet may contribute to your fears. Even if we find a problem, you are in great hands since we offer many procedures to correct all kinds of issues. Visiting our Central Florida Periodontics office for periodontal treatment in Winter Springs, FL, may be the best thing you do to overcome your worries and finally resolve any problems you may be facing. 

Now that you have learned how Central Florida Periodontics might be able to help you overcome your fears, contact us to schedule an appointment for your periodontal treatment in Winter Springs, FL.