Dental Prophylaxis in Orlando is Important to Oral Health! Here Are Three Reasons Why.

It might seem obvious that a clean mouth is a healthy mouth, but unfortunately many people don’t put the emphasis on dental prophylaxis in Orlando that they should. Prophylaxis is just a fancy word for teeth cleaning, and prevention through great oral hygiene is everything when it comes to periodontal disease. 

People often have a tendency to ignore minor symptoms of the disease, like tender or swollen gums, and put off going to the dentist. But this is a mistake, because the longer you let symptoms persist, the worse the disease becomes. It does not go away by itself! The good news is, regular teeth cleaning by a professional goes a very long way toward not only eliminating early symptoms, but keeping them from coming back. Here, we’ll look at three important benefits of seeing your dental hygienist regularly.

Pearly Whites are Pretty!

From a purely aesthetic sense, clean teeth are attractive. It’s that simple. Nobody wants to smile and show teeth that haven’t been taken care of. Visits to your dental hygienist for dental prophylaxis in Orlando because his or her expertise will leave your teeth looking clean and well taken care of — and that can mean a more appealing and engaging smile. Your hygienist can also suggest whitening toothpastes or procedures that will take your smile to the next level, brightening it even further and guaranteeing that it gets noticed!

Clean Teeth Mean Less Bacteria

Admittedly, it’s nice to have an attractive smile, but a far more important benefit of regular dental prophylaxis in Orlando is creating an antibacterial environment in your mouth. Bacteria are the main culprit of gum disease. They make their home in the sticky plaque that develops around teeth as a natural process of eating, and cause gums to become irritated and susceptible to pulling away from teeth. That in turn leads to bone loss and loose teeth. But regular cleanings remove plaque and clear away bacteria, leaving your mouth healthier and better able to fight off problems down the road.

Regular Cleanings Can Spot Early Trouble 

Another great benefit of regular visits to your hygienist is that he or she can spot signs of potential trouble ahead of time. You might think you know your mouth well, and to a certain extent you probably do. But a trained professional can see things you can’t — like cavities or gum issues that require attention. A careful exam is always a part of a visit to your hygienist, and during that time he or she will make sure to alert you to any possible signs of trouble. Being able to address oral health issues early is the key to keeping your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful — so why wait?

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