Choosing a Periodontics Professional the Right Way

If you have gum disease or need dental implants, a periodontics and implantology professional can provide the advanced level of care you need. Your dentist may provide a referral, but you
re also free to find out more about the periodontist to whom you
ve been referred or to find another on your own.

The important thing is to find a periodontist you can trust to deliver the highest level of care while making you feel comfortable. He or she should thoroughly explain any procedures and answer any questions you may have.

The following are some important considerations to ensure that you
re choosing a periodontics and implantology professional the right way:

periodontics and implantology

Board Certification in Periodontics and Implantology

Every periodontist has completed two to three years of additional training beyond dental school. Some are also board-certified diplomates, which means that they
ve met the following additional requirements to earn certification by the American Board of Periodontology:

  • Passing a comprehensive exam that demonstrates knowledge of all phases of periodontal disease and treatment as well as placing dental implants
  • Presenting reports on treatments provided
  • Making significant achievements in the field
  • Becoming recertified every six years by fulfilling continuing education requirements and other activities that demonstrate current knowledge

Board certification indicates that a periodontics professional goes far beyond the minimum requirements and is dedicated to keeping up with advancements in treatments and procedures.


A newly graduated periodontist certainly may be capable of proving excellent care. However, an experienced periodontist likely has seen more types of cases throughout the years and may be more comfortable handling complicated issues. The ideal combination is an experienced periodontist who keeps up with the latest research, techniques, and treatments.

If a periodontist has a well-established practice, look for evidence that he or she keeps up to date on advances in the profession. Board certification is one indication. And if a periodontist delivers lectures and publishes articles in well-respected, peer-reviewed journals, it
s good sign that he or she is knowledgeable about new developments in the field of periodontics and implantology.

Recommendations from Satisfied Patients

Professional expertise certainly is important, but so are satisfied patients. Patients
recommendations will help you determine whether the periodontics professional is delivering high-quality dental care and creating a welcoming atmosphere in which you
re treated with respect.

Ask friends or coworkers for recommendations and look for online reviews from other patients. Look through several reviews for patterns. For example, do patients praise the periodontics professional
s compassion or expertise? Are patients dissatisfied with either of these elements?

If you
re looking for periodontal care, Central Florida Periodontics & Implantology has the expertise, experience, and compassion you need. Dr. Jeffrey J. Sevor and our staff are dedicated to providing the highest level of care for our many satisfied patients. For more information, contact us or set up an appointment at one of our two convenient Central Florida Periodontics & Implantology locations.