Bone Grafting in Orlando Can Help You Smile Again

Modern dentistry has come a long way. Tooth loss, for instance, used to be something people generally had to live with and that professionals generally had no permanent way of fixing. Today, however, anyone who is suffering a missing tooth (or teeth) can take advantage of a number of options to regain a beautiful smile. Dental implants are a good choice to replace missing teeth. But often, when a patient’s teeth have been missing for quite a while, the jawbone that once held those teeth atrophies or deteriorates. When that happens, bone grafting in Orlando allows us to reestablish a patient’s jawbone to ideal proportions, which in turn can make that patient a candidate for implants. Let’s take a closer look at why bone grafting is an important service of Central Florida Periodontics.


Bone Grafting

Sometimes, due to tooth loss, injury, or congenital defects, areas of a person’s jawbone may have degenerated or atrophied. The affected area has become reabsorbed into the body, and in the case of tooth loss, should a patient wish to improve his or her smile through dental implants, bone grafting in Orlando might first be necessary. Bone grafting allows a periodontist to essentially rebuild the jawbone by using either donor bone from a tissue bank, synthetic bone material, or bone from the patient’s own body. Grafting is important because in order for dental implants to be considered, a patient must have sufficient jawbone to supply stability and support for the implants. Once the jawbone has been reestablished to ideal proportions, dental implants can be inserted to serve as anchors for prosthetic teeth, giving a patient the confidence to smile again.

Bone Regeneration

Sometimes, a tooth isn’t missing but the bone around it is deteriorating due to periodontal disease. When that’s the case, the affected part of the jawbone can often be encouraged to regrow or regenerate on its own. The area around the tooth is first cleaned of damaging bacteria, after which special membranes are inserted under the patient’s gums that encourage the body’s natural ability to regenerate bone and tissue. Bioactive gels may also be used to stimulate growth. The result is a lessening of the damage around the tooth that was compromising it and an increased chance of keeping it in place. Bone regeneration reiterates the importance of seeing a professional right away when a tooth becomes loose due to gum disease, because the sooner you see a periodontist, the better your chances of saving it.

When you trust us to accomplish bone grafting in Orlando, you can rest assured we use the latest in cutting-edge technology, techniques, and materials to ensure your utmost comfort and the best results possible. Our staff is gentle, knowledgeable, and ready to help you achieve the smile you deserve, and the good news is, procedures that regenerate lost bone and tissue supporting your teeth can help you achieve that.

Are you ready to smile more confidently? If so, get in touch today to find out what Central Florida Periodontics can do for you.