August 22, 2018

If you’re looking for crown adjustment Orlando, you’ve come to the right place. Crowns are an excellent solution to a number of dental problems. After a root canal, crowns allow patients to keep their teeth, avoiding painful extraction. Oftentimes, they function even better than the tooth did before! However, over time even the best crowns […]

August 15, 2018

Different types of bite adjustment can be helpful to patients who suffer from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and more. If you suffer from any of these problems or similar issues, you may find that a misaligned bite is to blame! The good news is that Central Florida Periodontics has years of […]

August 08, 2018

Are you in need of a periodontist in Orlando? A great periodontist can help you with a number of dental treatments including aligning your bite, implants, and cosmetic dentistry. It’s important to choose a periodontist that will work hard for you, and who meets your needs as well as your budget. In this entry, we’ll […]

July 30, 2018

Did you know that’s it’s estimated that half of American adults are already suffering from gum disease? That’s a shocking figure, especially when preventing gum disease is so simple! At Central Florida Periodontics, we see the consequences of gum disease every day. We want our patients to enjoy the benefits of good dental health, so […]

July 20, 2018

TMJ (or temporomandibular joint) disorder is a frustrating condition in which there is a problem with the joint that aligns your jaw. There are a number of potential reasons for developing TMJ disorder, and a range of symptoms that can accompany the problem. Many patients suffering from TMJ disorder are frustrated and don’t know where […]