April 20, 2021

Dr. Sevor is the leading periodontist in Winter Park, FL. Not only does he provide a wide range of services to prevent and treat gum disease, he and his staff always keep patient comfort at the top of their priority list. Haven’t been to the dentist in a while? We understand your apprehension! Here, learn […]

April 13, 2021

Central Florida Periodontics provides a wide range of periodontal therapies in Orlando, FL. While many dentist offices can provide some treatment for gum disease, few of them can offer the laser technologies we specialize in. For those with advanced gum disease, laser surgery could be a far better option than traditional surgery. Here, learn more […]

March 30, 2021

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, dental plaque is the main culprit behind periodontal disease. Gradually plaque will destroy the support of your natural teeth, as the bacteria produce toxins that irritate gums. Irritated gums can be identified by red, swollen, and bleeding gums, but the disease can be present without […]

March 16, 2021

Central Florida Periodontics is there for you when you need early and advanced gum disease treatment in Orlando, FL. Dr. Sevor and his team are here for you every step of the way and strive to make your appointment as pleasant and pain-free as possible. We are proud to be conservative with our surgical procedures, […]

March 02, 2021

Do you know that there is more to your teeth than what’s visible on the surface? Central Florida Periodontics keeps an eye on all parts of the tooth for optimal oral health.    Dr. Sevor and his team at Central Florida Periodontics are experts in human teeth. Are you looking for periodontal treatment in Orlando, FL? […]