February 21, 2020

If you’ve paid attention to the news lately, you may have read a number of articles discussing the possible links between gum disease and other health risks like high blood pressure, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Gum disease is nothing to ignore, because if left unchecked it can lead to tooth loss; but when you factor […]

February 11, 2020

Did you know that according to a recent survey, 85% of Americans believe that oral health is very important to their overall health, yet 42% of them admit to not seeing a dentist as often as they’d like? Many of this latter group might be fearful of a dental visit, when in fact, they really […]

February 04, 2020

In so many ways, today’s dentistry is truly a miracle of modern science. From laser periodontal therapy in Orlando and cosmetic procedures, to bite adjustments and bone grafting, dentists today can address just about any issue you might have with your teeth and gums, and do it in a comfortable and efficient way that will […]

January 27, 2020

When was the last time your actually thought about chewing? Most of us don’t, and that’s because most of us don’t have a problem biting or chewing; our teeth are aligned the way they’re meant to be and our jaw causes us no problems. But when that’s not the case, when our “bite” is bad […]

January 18, 2020

If you find yourself smiling less and less because of loose or missing teeth, you might think dentures are your only option. The good news is, nothing could be further from the truth! While dentures are often the right choice for many patients, others are happy to learn that dental implants in Orlando, FL are […]