4 Ways We Can Get You Smiling Again With Periodontal Treatment: Winter Springs, FL

If you’re not confident about your smile, either solely for cosmetic reasons or because you need periodontal treatment, Winter Springs, FL’s Central Florida Periodontics can help. Studies have shown that a nice smile is essential to our confidence as well as other’s perception of us. At Central Florida Periodontics, our skilled team provides many periodontal treatments that can make you feel beautiful, comfortable, relieved, or confident. Here is a list of procedures we perform for cosmetic periodontics in Winter Springs, FL:

1. Gum Grafting

Receding gums are more common than you think. Gum grafting is one of the services we offer that helps you regain that youthful smile. We all want our teeth to be a desirable length and framed just right by healthy pink gums. When your gums recede, the root of your tooth can be exposed. Not only can this be unsightly, but it can also mean other, more serious issues. With gum grafting, we use donor tissue to re-grow your gum line, protecting your roots and perfecting your smile. 

2. Gum Reshaping

Some people have the opposite problem, where instead of receding gums, they experience an overgrowth of gum tissue, which throws off the balance of their smile. One of the procedures we offer for cosmetic periodontics in Winter Springs, FL, is to reshape the gums and give your smile an age-appropriate and proportionate appearance. 

3. Crown Lengthening

Along with gum reshaping to create a more uniform and proportionate gum-to-tooth ratio, our team also performs a periodontal treatment in Winter Springs, FL, called crown lengthening, which involves reshaping the jaw and gums, sometimes only surrounding certain teeth, to make them look more pleasing. 

4. Ridge Preservation

Ridge preservation is another procedure we at Central Florida Periodontics perform to ensure you have a great smile. Ridge Preservation involves grafting bone into the empty sockets of teeth you have had extracted. That bone graft stops any atrophy of the jawbone, which could have an eventual effect on your appearance.  

Why should you consider Central Florida Periodontics for your periodontal treatment in Winter Springs, FL? Cosmetic procedures are not all that we offer. Your oral and periodontal health is very important to us, and we offer additional services to treat periodontal issues and disease. 

Our periodontist, Dr. Sevor, has extensive knowledge and experience. He is an accomplished lecturer and has written numerous peer-reviewed articles. Additionally, he is board certified as a diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. 

Our dental hygienist, David Fernandez del Pino, is a knowledgeable and compassionate asset to our team. His experience allows him to identify issues that may progress to bigger problems in the future and with his expertise can communicate concerns to both patients and doctors concisely so that preventative action can be taken.  

Linda Jung is our office coordinator. She does a fantastic job of making patients feel comfortable and welcome. She also ensures all of our appointments are scheduled correctly: and everything is clean and well organized. 

Last but not least is our phenomenal assistants, Renee’ Swanston and Marie Gonzalez. They are also skilled and knowledgeable and strive to make patients smile.

Now that you have learned more about our procedures and staff, it’s time to contact us and set up an appointment.