4 Benefits of Receiving a Crown Adjustment

If you’re looking for crown adjustment Orlando, you’ve come to the right place. Crowns are an excellent solution to a number of dental problems. After a root canal, crowns allow patients to keep their teeth, avoiding painful extraction. Oftentimes, they function even better than the tooth did before! However, over time even the best crowns can develop a number of problems. If you’ve been noticing pain or discoloration in your crown, it might be time for a crown adjustment. Today, we’ll learn more about the potential benefits of having your crown adjusted.

Dental crown installation process

#1. Restore a Great Fit

Crowns are designed to last for years and years, but over time, the bonding that adheres them to your natural tooth may begin to wear down. If your crown feels loose, or if you can feel a gap between your crown and your natural tooth, it’s time to re-bond your crown. Having your crown refitted to your natural tooth will make it easier for you to eat, and will alleviate the worry of breakage or slipping.

#2. Keep Your Crown Looking Fantastic

Another reason many patients seek out the help of crown adjustment Orlando experts is a cosmetic concern. Over time, the veneer on many porcelain crowns begins to wear down. When that happens, the crown begins to darken, or dark lines begin to appear. If your crown is visible, this could be a source of embarrassment or frustration. At Central Florida Periodontics, we can help restore your crown’s white luster, keeping your smile looking great.

#3. Alleviate Pain

Ideally, a crown shouldn’t cause you any pain. In fact, many patients who have received root canals don’t feel much of anything on their crown. However, while your tooth may not feel much, your gums still will. If you feel pain around your tooth, it might be a sign that your crown was positioned too high and is pushing on your gum line. Come to our office for a crown adjustment Orlando assessment. We’ll check things out and let you know what we can do to help.

#4. Keeping Your Mouth Healthy

While crowns are often more resilient than natural teeth, the tooth they cover is still susceptible to infection and decay. At times, the tooth underneath the crown can begin to rot. When this happens, you’re in danger of contracting an infection. We can help you treat tooth decay beneath your crown with a number of procedures. Along these lines, root canals can also become infected after they’ve been covered by a crown. These painful infections can cause a myriad of problems for patients. A great way to prevent both of these scenarios is to regularly stop in for cleanings and exams so your periodontal team can keep your mouth looking and feeling healthy. If you’re worried that you might already have an infection under your crown, contact us immediately and let us stop the problem in its tracks.

If you’re looking for the crown adjustment Orlando specialists, you’ve found us! Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help with your crowns and other periodontal needs.